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say what you see

until you see what you said

-Kim's Pastor


entrepreneur, author, wife

mom, talk show host and motiv-actional speaker

Your journey towards a better way of life begins today. Whether you’re looking for visionary development, leadership development or transformational coaching, 

Sherie Woods @ My SQUAD Nation  will provide exceptional results. We are in this together

Upcoming Events

  • MSN 2023 You Got This Conference "YGT"
    MSN 2023 You Got This Conference "YGT"
    May 5th 7-9P, May 6th 8:30A-2:30P
    The House of God Church
    May 5th 7-9P, May 6th 8:30A-2:30P
    The House of God Church, 2005 Heiman St, Nashville, TN 37208, USA
    May 5th 7-9P, May 6th 8:30A-2:30P
    The House of God Church, 2005 Heiman St, Nashville, TN 37208, USA
    Learn the key principles to manifesting the Kingdom of God in your life!!!! Revolutionary Worship and Workshops will be the game changer to your healing, hope, and the forward movement you are looking for... Do not miss this!
Jan. 16th-20th 8PM CST


Virtual Movement Series

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The Unstoppable Conference begins the year. So don't miss 2024! It's Loading...

Every 4th Sunday @5PM on FBLive

Sherie Woods My SQUAD Nation

It's our virtual show!!!! Soundbite Socials is a MSN platform  opportunity to share a Godly perspective on things of Culture and how we do it as Christians! We have women from different backgrounds and walks of life sharing their stories.. We aren't judging anyone just sharing a godly perspective on different subjects. Come in it's going to be SQUADLICIOUS! Be Transformed..

Join on our Facebook Page on 4th  Sundays at 5pm CST...

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Know Who You Are ! SQUAD Session!!!
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Together, let's talk about the hard topics with a smile and a gentle or a hard push toward our destiny...

Be Transformed!


- and more...
Write The Vision Workshop is in session! The new SQUAD is starting soon. Don't miss this opportunity!! This workshop is just the beginning of a season of manifestation in your life. Let's work together and get it done.
Be Transformed 


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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Sherie Woods and My SQUAD Nation. The information you receive from this site, products or speeches are for informational purposes only. No product or speech, relationship or it's affiliates, sister companies represent Sherie Woods My SQUAD Nation in any negligence of speech or representation of fraud or mistreatment of any individual, company or organization. We desire to share the Word of God in Truth. Any words spoken outside the Word of God are opinion and belong to the individual who spoke and that individual speaks under their own right to do so. We, Sherie Woods My SQUAD Nation reserve the right to dismiss any opinion or presentation discriminatory contrary to the vision/mission, integrity and goals of Sherie Woods My SQUAD Nation.

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All logos, pictures, documents and products rightfully belong to Sherie Woods My SQUAD Nation and can't not be replicated without permission. Email: Phone: 6154382269 to receive permissions.

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A 30 Day Conditional Guarantee 
If an item is received damaged upon arrival or link doesn't properly display upon investigation may be replaced if found at fault before the 30 day guarantee. After 30 days MSN has the liberty to deny claims.

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